I can’t stress this enough: before you begin, and based upon available funds, there are many parts of this process which you can do yourself, from the funeral/celebration of life to the paperwork with the help of a Notary Public. This may vary province to province, but I will list as much information here as I can. We also completed Probate ourselves, it took a bit longer, but it can be done and it saved us thousands of dollars.

But remember, it is up to you how much you want to take on at this time. I don’t mind paper work, which is why we opted to go that route, but if paperwork makes you crazy, definitely have it handled by your lawyer. To the DIY end, I will note the costs where I can, the important thing here is to ensure you get as many copies of the documents you need, so you do not need to keep running back to the Notary or Lawyer’s office, which will cost time, energy and money.

In Canada when a person dies, the Estate is paid out a ‘Death Benefit’, (to people who have paid into Canada Pension Plan for a certain number of years), to help with associated costs, and there is no reason that your costs need to go higher than what is given. Plan ahead and stay aware.

Also note, and be ready for the fact that there may be additional taxes and money you will need to pay out if there is a property to sell, or if you receive a lump sum of money, stock or investments.