funeral or celebration of life arrangements

SHOULD it fall to you to set up the service, I have included a checklist which contains information for a formal funeral and a low cost or no cost celebration of life. A formal funeral may be chosen or pre planned if a person is affiliated with a church or has specific cultural traditions. These can involve much planning and cost, and the funeral home and/or church may be of assistance here. Here is a consumer guide for funerals, for use in Canada, and you can also look up some information by province on this site here.

For a celebration of life, the deceased will most likely be cremated, and ashes either kept, or taken and spread somewhere by family or friends. A party or wake can take place, and it can be a very nice way to remember the person, with stories and photos, and it’s a lot less formal than a traditional funeral. Remember there are no rules,  I am just providing guidelines. With the Internet so widely available, you can even broadcast your service to relatives in other parts of the world!

When Bill passed away, the family was already so scattered and most of them were seniors who could not travel, so instead we collected photos, chose his favourite song and made a collage on a free Internet program, burned it to dvd disk and mailed them to everyone with a note. This was almost free but for disks and postage, and we took Bill’s ashes to his favourite lake and spread them there.