planning ahead

ALTHOUGH pre – planning (Wills, Living Wills, insurance, Power Of Attorney etc.) is of the utmost importance, I will not go into those details here, because there is another much better resource available in the website that Chanel Reynolds built:


Going through the above website and filling out the checklists you will find there will help you be prepared for a death in your family. Complete a checklist for each family member.

As we move through our story, I will let you know what we did and didn’t have ready, but we mainly wanted to help you prepare for the work that will need to be done after a person dies in Canada.

*You can also grab this free app to record messages to your loved ones, now.

**Please note the website listed above is in the USA, and information listed here should only be used as a guideline outside of that State and Country. We have provided  some pre-planning links and ideas for Canadian residents on this site, listed by province.