removing remains outside of the country

SOMETHING else to consider, and I mention this here because we had to go through it, is taking a body or ash remains outside of the country.

In order to do this you will need to contact the closest Embassy of the country where you wish to travel. There can be import paperwork involved, that will most likely need to be Notarized.

You will need additional copies of Death Certificates, wills and ID, and you may need to (in the case of ashes) have a special *sealed container, either purchased or manufactured, and then sealed again by the Embassy itself.

Moving a body is quite expensive, (thousands) so you may opt for cremation first, check with the Embassy and the airlines. Many airlines offer a reduced rate if you are traveling due to a death of a close family member, do ask about bereavement fares.

*The Country we removed remains to was France, and we needed a completely sealed container for the ashes. They were very expensive, so we went and asked a local technical college if once of their students would make one for us as a special project. they were very helpful and grateful to help for a fraction of the cost!