DOWNLOAD all the lists here, start at the top and check off the boxes as you collect what you need and make the contacts required.


general checklist

◊ THESE are the documents you will need to have handy when you begin your paperwork.

Please note that I have also included notes where you will need to have more than one copy of the paper or form, because certain departments will:

a) only accept seeing the original (they will mail or courier it back to you) and,

b) they may need to keep a copy of the notarized form, so you will need extras on hand.

All items on the checklists are for the deceased, but you will also need your own ID (Passport/Driver’s Licence/photo ID, Social Insurance Number and Power Of Attorney), especially if you are Next of Kin, or Executor/Executrice of the deceased.

document checklist

◊ THIS is a list of people and places that you will need to contact immediately after a death. For phone numbers, email addresses and webpages, please click on ‘stuff you have to do’ in the menu (above right), and click on your province.

contact checklist

◊ THE funeral planning checklist contains lists for a full, formal funeral, a less formal ‘celebration of life’ and a eulogy checklist.

funeral/celebration of life checklist

“I’ve told my children that when I die,
to release balloons in the sky to celebrate that I graduated.
For me, death is a graduation.”