our story

IN June 2007 my father in-law passed away quite suddenly from kidney failure. At the time my mother in-law who has Alzheimer’s disease, was also living with us. Although this is by no means a worst case scenario, it was our scenario and we were totally unprepared for what followed.

Years later as we look back, we realize that although were were fairly prepared with Wills, Living Wills, bank account and house details, we were not at all prepared for the amount of work it took to get everything in order and finalized. At almost every turn we were faced with the question:

What do we do now!?

We wanted to put this website together for people our age, who are starting to lose parents to death and disease; to help people traverse the new landscape ahead of them, during a sad and challenging time. It took us over a year to get things in order after Bill’s death, and we are still reminding ourselves that we need to update our own paperwork as well, as life situations change.

We found the information we required to be scattered at best, a check list here or a form there, but we could not find one place where we could find all the information we needed. We hope this website fills that need, and can help you out with some answers, when you ask: